Ultrafine Mill Revolutionized Coal Grinding

Ultrafine Mill Revolutionized Coal Grinding

What is the change brought by the ultrafine mill for the coal mill?

Today we are going to explore the coal mill grinding equipment superfine grinding, it is as a kind of coal processing equipment appears. Ultrafine mill is a non-metallic material milling equipment, which can be applied to all walks of life, and our lives are closely related, such as we are familiar with the cosmetics industry, chemical industry, etc., can be ground material ceramic soil, gypsum powder , Coal and kaolin and other hundreds of materials.

As the coal mill is a very common kind of fine powder operation, Zenith combined with the actual production of coal processing, ultrafine mill and other milling equipment specifically for the coal processing equipment, to make it more efficient professional and stable. Here we have to ultrafine mill grinding coal as an example to introduce its actual benefits for the coal mill, that is, for the coal milling brought about what changes.

First of all, we need to understand the situation of raw materials and milling equipment, where the choice of raw materials for the ultrafine mill coal. Raw coal finished grain size 200 mesh, 5-12 tons per hour yield. The use of ultra-fine grinding model for the T130X. User feedback: T130X reinforced ultrafine mill with five long powder equipment, and three roller on the raw coal ore production and processing, the production site has been put into use in my plant for two years, stable operation, the effect is very good. Equipment manufacturers to provide regular factory maintenance, but also provide technical guidance. T130X reinforced ultrafine mill automation is very high, only need to adjust the mill's hydraulic device and roller pressure can achieve the adjustment of the particle size of finished coal, very convenient, it is really a leap in the technical progress of the progress.

After we looked at this example, we can not help but have some problems, such as coal really need to use ultrafine mill for deep processing? Learned chemistry we all know that the burning material and air only in full contact with the occurrence of more intense combustion, but also in a short time to produce more heat, of course, will burn more fully. The problem of coal utilization has been plaguing the user, because if the coal is not sufficient, not only cause a great waste, but also produce a lot of solid particles, causing great damage to the environment, so the utilization of coal is Very important. While increasing coal utilization is the most direct manifestation for the production of finer finer coal so that it can be in full contact with the air. Pulverized coal is generally grinding equipment by milling, the production of different sizes, the shape of irregular particles, the general diameter of coal particles in the range of 0-1000um, mostly in the 20-500um particles, for ultrafine mill, Is very easy to do. When the particle size of the pulverized coal is small, the surface can be in contact with more air, so that the fluidity is particularly good, the combustion will be more fully, the less the solid waste will be discharged. So the coal processing is very necessary to use ultrafine mill and other milling equipment for deep processing.

So now we look at the pulverized coal processing, often what equipment? According to the current user feedback situation, can be processed into the fineness of coal, applied to different areas of coal, then, of course, choose the best ultra-fine grinding, but in the actual production, and sometimes choose micro-grinding , Ground mill, and even ball mill, etc. as a coal processing equipment. Our company is tailor-made for the processing of coal processing T130X reinforced ultrafine mill is a very professional a pulverized coal production equipment, the processing of coal without the need for secondary processing, finished product size is also very uniform, much users of all ages.

What is the advantage of ultrafine mill processing pulverized coal? This is really worth talking about. Because the ultrafine mill can easily achieve fineness adjustment, especially multi-level adjustment. And we said earlier, the use of pulverized coal in different areas, the required particle fineness is not the same, although the higher the fineness of the more adequate combustion, but in some coal-fired workshop, a larger amount of combustion, environmental protection measures are perfect, And do not need fine fineness of coal. If in this case, the grinding of coal to a small fineness, but will cause a great waste of resources. So the fineness of the ultrafine mill is very important for coal processing into pulverized coal.

In addition T130X reinforced ultrafine mill with a special structural design, the roller sleeve and liner are used streamlined grinding curve, easier than the ordinary ultra-fine grinding material layer, can be a grinding to the required product fineness. Plus ultrafine mill with mechanical electronic double limit protection device, can be very low to reduce the impact of coal on the equipment and wear. So it is very suitable for processing and production of pulverized coal. Finally, we have to say is that our company's milling equipment is committed to the traditional energy development system from extensive production to the direction of intensive changes, we strive to understand the production status of the survey, the actual needs of the mill, and then The existing mill is improved and assembled to make it more targeted and directional, more suitable for the needs of enterprises, such as the production and design of power plant desulfurization with limestone grinding equipment, power plants have been used with coal milling equipment, we look forward to You carry out long-term more in-depth cooperation.

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