Silica Sand Beneficiation Plant

Silica Sand Beneficiation Plant

Silica sand ore properties

The main mineral quartz was microcrystalline or fine crystalline aggregates appear, silica-containing ore of 9.27%, only 0.14% ferric oxide, is to create high-grade glass of quality raw materials. Less coarse ore, + 50mm only 2.97%, + gmm accounting for 21.21%. More fine-grained sand, glass sand does not meet the requirements of -0.lmm accounted for 35.91%, qualified glass sand can only output at a yield of 64.19% + 0.lmm ore, its production rate will not be a high of. Silica sand is a non-metallic minerals, is a hard, wear-resistant, chemical stability of silicate minerals, the main mineral component is SiO2, quartz sand color is white or colorless translucent, hardness 7, quartz sand is an important industrial mineral raw materials, non-hazardous chemicals, widely used in glass, foundry, ceramics and refractories, smelting ferrosilicon, metallurgical flux, metallurgy, construction, chemicals, plastics, rubber, abrasive and other industries.

Beneficiation characteristics

Silica sand beneficiation plant equipment is used to remove the raw material of iron and other magnetic materials, commonly used in ceramics, mining, chemical, milling and other industries. For example, in the mining industry, the first use of raw materials are generally medium-sized magnetic separator roughing, roughing after the raw material iron content is reduced to a certain extent, it can be used for some of the iron content of less demanding industries. In the iron content of the requirements of the occasion, you need to use the raw crude iron machine after the election will be featured in addition to iron, iron or even several times in order to meet the requirements. Can also be understood as a small addition to iron magnetic separator, usually in raw material handling capacity is not the case, the device is the use of iron.

Silica Sand Beneficiation Plant Performance Advantages

Silica sand as a material greater hardness, prior to its milling process are generally through the material particles after crushing crushing equipment, sand mill for its milling just to meet its production requirements. Our company produces silica sand beneficiation plant powerful performance advantage, first, reasonable product structure components, sand mill device using the host drive pulley and gear box sealed, and the spindle and plum frame were conducive to the stability of structural transformation, run more stable and reliable; second, product size, and can adjust the device within the product size range of 80-325 mesh of arbitrary regulation, grain shape is good, finished grinding fineness; Third, safety and environmental protection, safety in that the in the upper part of the device body is provided with explosion protection, environmental protection is in its bellows, air duct is always smooth without clogging, reduce dust pollution. In addition, it high production capacity, stable operation, these are its advantages.

China has abundant siliceous raw material resources, crystal, translucent and milky white quartz, metamorphic quartzite, quartz sandstone deposits, marine deposits of quartz sand, lacustrine sedimentary quartz sand, quartz powder and other types. With the development and utilization of a large number of siliceous material is high quality silica raw materials decreased; increased every year in order to meet production requirements silica powder raw materials, partly siliceous raw material beneficiation must be purified to meet quality standards, only to be used to process silicon powder. Beneficiation purification generally higher levels of impurities siliceous raw material crushing, screening, grinding, silica impurities full dissociation, after magnetic separation, flotation to remove impurities; then pickling method, impurities further reduce, and then acid washed with water, then deionized water to remove residual impurity ions adsorbed particle surface, the raw material at or above chemical indicators microsilica; dry into processed silica powder raw materials.

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