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Jaw Crusher Manufacturer

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With the vigorous development and construction of cities across China, the state is paying more and more attention to the mining industry, and the future development prospects of the twin-roll crusher are becoming more and more clear. Jaw crushers have been widely used and have brought good economic benefits to users. However, many jaw crushers on the market are more traditional, not only the performance is not stable enough, the energy consumption is too large, and the produced sandstone aggregate has a high powder rate.

The roller crusher is a common crushing equipment in the mining field. Compared with the general crushing equipment, the big difference is that it has two electric motors, and has many advantages such as high work efficiency, stable operation, energy saving and environmental protection, etc. The operation mode also has obvious differences. The traditional crushing equipment is a single motor starting and running, so the production capacity is generally not high. The roller machine we produced adopts dual motor starting, which reduces the starting time. When the equipment finishes the starting work, Slowly, it tends to run smoothly. Because the equipment is procedurally in production, its resistance is continuously reduced. In order to achieve energy-saving effect, the equipment is automatically switched to single motor operation, which can be rotated during actual operation. Work to further reduce the operating load of the equipment, so as to achieve better environmental protection.

Compared with the traditional roller crusher, the roller machine we produce has a wide range of improvements and innovations in the details of the equipment. Therefore, the excellent equipment is more suitable to meet the actual needs of customers. Its main components are: motor wheel , motor, flywheel, belt, bearing housing, noise elimination device, rotor, buffer spring, frame, detection system, housing, roller body, horizontal bearing, control device, etc., we can see the advantages of equipment from the structural composition Performance, because the overall construction of the equipment is a prerequisite for good equipment.

Jaw crusher performance advantages

  1. 1. Low cost: It adopts advanced crushing technology and high-quality raw material design, which has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient operation and low failure rate. It can effectively reduce capital investment and reduce maintenance costs, and then greatly save operating costs.
  2. 2, safe and reliable: the equipment is very stable in operation, at the same time installed advanced safety protection device, has good iron, can effectively filter the metal iron parts at the inlet, to avoid accidental damage to the crusher, improve safety reliability.
  3. 3, dust and noise reduction: the inside of the crusher is equipped with a dust-proof plate, and the cavity seal is very strict, can avoid fine dust or particles splashing around, reduce equipment vibration, thereby reducing dust pollution, and can control the operating sound at 68 decibels To avoid noise pollution.
  4. 4. Energy saving and consumption reduction: The equipment cavity is rationally optimized, the requirements on the moisture content of the material are very low, the bonding phenomenon will not be caused, the kinetic energy can be effectively reduced, and the energy consumption can be effectively saved. At the same time, the automatic hydraulic retracting system can be further realized. Energy saving and consumption reduction targets.
  5. 5, environmentally efficient: the use of advanced low-speed high-pressure crushing principle, the crusher has greater pressure, greatly improve its crushing efficiency, while the crushing process of the equipment is basically no noise and dust pollution, can achieve high efficiency and environmental protection Better crushing effect.

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