Fly Ash Beneficiation Process

Fly Ash Beneficiation Process

To achieve comprehensive and effective use of fly ash, it must first perform efficient grinding operation. However, currently the generally low ash grinding efficiency, which contributes to our study of fly ash fine grinding process. Traditional fly ash grinding process system design parameters is unreasonable, resulting in a low grinding efficiency, specific analysis below it.

Fly Ash Fine Grinding Process

Ash ground system is divided into open stream high-fine grinding mill, closed circuit tube mill grinding, semi-finish grinding, open circuit tube mill powder. Fly special ultra-fine grinding system is the coarse ash after sorting ultrafine grinding, so that it has a certain hydraulic active and effective development and utilization of fly ash to broaden channels, achieve the purpose of full utilization of fly ash . Open stream high-fine grinding grinding process. Open flow fine grinding process because of less investment, simple technology, is one way to grinding fly ash beneficiation process engineering often used. This fly ash beneficiation process is simple, the operation is conducive to productive investment and savings, but it makes the most easily lead to over-grinding beads original topography severely damaged, water demand increases, or actual lack of abrasive products swimsuit running rough, power consumption is also large.

Based on our test results and actual production experience, through the development of rational technical parameters, we can solve the above problems, a substantial energy saving, improve product quality.

  1. Controlling material flow within the mill. New type double flow control diaphragm plate, when the working conditions of the mill can automatically adjust the flow of the former warehouse after warehouse ash flow according to current warehouse stock of the material is less, through the diaphragm plate quantity is small, the current when warehouse stock more material, material flow through the compartment on the big board positions, the material throughput is determined by the number of positions before the material level, automatically adjust the memory quantity of the former warehouse, the former warehouse to ensure there is enough ash powder grinding time and a suitable material ball (para) ratio, significantly reducing production noise, improve the working environment.
  2. Improve grinding efficiency, reduce excessive grinding. Reasonably determine the length of each compartment of the mill ash. According to the specific circumstances of fly ash beneficiation process requirements and the finished mill grinding system, in order to ensure a balance tube mill grinding capacity of each compartment as the goal, to specifically determine the length of each chamber of the tube mill, to ensure that the warehouse capacity balance, the ability to play effectively tube mill, reducing over-grinding. Reasonable choice of tube mill each compartment liner. Since fly ash grinding already broken does not require, and enhance the ability of the liner has been unable to meet the requirements of the grinding of fly ash, fly ash our company for the development of special tube mill liner, able to adapt fly ash grinding characteristics of the process, improve grinding efficiency.

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