Factors Affecting Raymond Mill Production

Factors Affecting Raymond Mill Production

Raymond Mill output decreased? Are you aware of these three factors affecting production? Raymond Mill is one of the most widely used and most widely used equipment in the grinding industry. According to industry statistics, Raymond Mills account for more than 70% of domestic grinding equipment. However, with the progress of production, there is a decrease in the output of Raymond Mill, which is backed by users, and the energy consumption is large. Today, we mainly introduce three factors influencing Raymond Mill's production and what are the maintenance factors. We hope to bring some help to your production.

Yield factors

Wind pressure effect

Dust-laden gas is closed during the entire grinding process. The moisture in the material and the moisture in the air increase due to the frictional temperature between the grinding roller and the grinding ring, and the leakage at the duct flange increases the air volume of the system. Large, excess air is discharged through small cyclones and diffuser bags.

Influence of diffuse bag

Diffusion bag due to no back blowing or vibration cleaning system, long-term operation will inevitably cause the surface of the bag to be blocked, scattered wind bag scattered wind, resulting in increased resistance of the entire duct system, the machine has reached the powder mixing requirements of the grinding The decrease in gas outflow resulted in a decrease in Raymond Mill production.

Closed circuit circulation blower wind pressure effect

Since the amount of closed-circuit circulating air is basically constant, only the influence of wind pressure is discussed. Using frequency conversion technology can increase the speed of the fan. Obviously, it can increase the air pressure and increase the outflow of dust-containing gas, thereby increasing the output.

The design of the closed circuit duct system is that the positive pressure in the main engine and the Raymond Mill are all negative pressure operations after the Raymond Mill. Therefore, increasing the pressure will inevitably lead to positive air pressure operation, dust leakage, resulting in powder loss and production decline.

Analysis machine speed effect

The speed of the analyzer is to control the flow of dust-containing gas particles. The lower the speed, the higher the output. However, under the premise of product quality requirements, the speed of the analyzer is basically controlled at a fixed value and cannot be changed arbitrarily.

Equipment maintenance impact

Due to the closed loop cycle, the gas is continuously heated, and the temperature of the powder itself is high. The grease of the roller bearing in the main engine is affected by the high temperature and becomes thin. It is easy to flow out of the skeleton seal ring, resulting in lack of oil and causing bearing damage. In addition, the damage and maintenance of the grinding roller will reduce the output rate of the equipment and affect the output of the equipment.

Maintenance factor

As a kind of heavy-duty grinding equipment, Raymond Mill is also very important for daily maintenance and maintenance. Once it is not in place, it will seriously affect production. The maintenance and repair of Raymond Mill should be:

  1. (1) During the use of Raymond Mill, fixed personnel should be responsible for the care, and operators must have a certain level of technology. Before the installation of the milling machine, the operator must carry out the necessary technical training to understand the principle and performance of the milling machine and be familiar with the operating procedures.
  2. (2) In order to make Raymond Mill normal, a safety operation system for equipment maintenance should be established to ensure the long-term safe operation of the mill, as well as the necessary maintenance tools and grease and corresponding accessories.
  3. (3) After Raymond Mill has been used for a period of time, it shall be inspected. At the same time, the wearing parts such as grinding rollers, grinding rings, and shovels shall be overhauled and replaced. The connecting bolts and nuts shall be carefully inspected before and after use. , to see if there is a loose phenomenon, whether the lubricating grease is enough.
  4. (4) When the grinding roller device is used for more than 500 hours, the rolling bearings in the roller sleeve must be cleaned, and the damaged parts should be replaced in time. The refueling tool can be used with manual fuel pump and grease gun. (5) Bearings are lubricated with No. 1 MoS2 grease or ZN-2 sodium bitter grease.
  5. (6) Roller bearings are refueled once per shift. The center bearing of the main engine is added every four shifts. Blower bearings are added once every month. The maximum room temperature rise of the bearing shall not exceed 70C. When the bearing is found to be overheated, the accessories such as the clean bearing and bearing chamber shall be removed for cleaning.

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